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Wilmington on Fire II

Directed and produced by Christopher Everett, Wilmington on Fire: Chapter II documents a community’s fight for justice and equality in a city that is still affected by a racial massacre that took place over 120 years ago. Conceptually, this documentary is about how the events of 1898 have rippled through time and still effect us today. It’s about how we were robbed by the promise of Wilmington circa 1897, and what we need to do to get back to that for everyone’s sake. If the wrongs of the past have rippled through time, then what we do today will also have a ripple effect. What do we want to set in motion for future generations?


I was brought on by Art Director Chris Davidson and The Robot Eye, LLC. to help design the main key art and overall rollout for the documentary.



Key Art Design

Social Media Content

Motion Design


Discovery & Research



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In a lot of ways, the 1898 insurrection broke America. For the poster, we decided to represented that visually by breaking the country out from Wilmington, and turning the whole thing askew.

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A series of "character" posters were developed around 9 of the people featured in the documentary

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Motion Design

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